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The following are excerpts from our GUEST BOOK

    Violeta & Klaus
    Thank you so much for making my stay in your beautiful apartments so much like home! Your generosity and kindness in making sure I had ever need was so much appreciated. I will miss you both but I know we will remain good friends.
    Fran, Paris, France (Our very first guests, returned one year later for a 3 months stay. Now live in London, Canada. We continue to stay in touch. V.)

    Violeta & Klaus (Easter card received weeks after their stay - V.)
    Ajay and I were recently talking about the great memories we have of both of you and our accommodations. We will certainly be returning this year. We look forward to seeing the both of you and until then wish you the very best. You remain in our thoughts.  Best wishes always.
    Ajay & Indy, Vancouver, Canada (They have returned on two subsequent trips. - V.)

    We have really enjoyed our stay at Petryla Estates. We really appreciate all the fine details that you thought of to make the apartment so comfortable – the extra pillows, the fantastic microwave (the best I’ve used), the plastic cover that you provided as well to cover the food during cooking in the microwave. . . you’ve thought of everything a guest would need and more! Best Wishes for the future.  Heather

    Violeta & Klaus
    This vacation were amazing and very interesting for us. We have good luck in finding you, persons with happiness, with so much joy, we met very good persons. We enjoy our time in Petryla Estates. It is very comfortable and nice too. Take care of this apartment is beautiful and it’s in very good condition. Thank you for everything. You are very good persons. We won’t forget you! We hope you won’t forget us. Next vacation: Book in your calendar Mexico. Thank you for everything.
    Family Castellanos, Mexico.

    . . . The apartment was thoughtfully and pleasantly furnished with all modern amenities and everything in the apartment was clean and well organized. Klaus and Violeta’s personalities helps make this place a friendly and homey place to stay in. The apartment is conveniently located in a safe and quite neighborhood. . . .
    Kudrati Mombassa, Kenya.

    . . . The interiors of the apartment was well decorated and giving a nice ambience of a home. I felt as if I were at my home from day one. . . I shall definitely recommend this as a place to stay to any of my friends for the vacation stay in Toronto. . . (Above was guest book entry. Two weeks later we received the following Thank You card with note. – V.) You’re Hospitality Was Wonderful, Thank you so much! . . . I always had a feeling I was at home and never in a corporate housing. . . . The best part was you had thought of every need. I will like to be in touch as a friend and will recommend the place to everyone whom I could know.
    Family Venkat.

    As a family moving to a different country both of you made us fell very safe and at home. The apartment was furnished to high standards and was very clean and cozy with all the modern utilities. . . (Above was guest book entry. Thank You card with note followed. – V.) To Two Very Special People. . . . Many thanks for all that you have done. It has made our stay here in Canada so much easier.
    The Scribbins, Somerset, England.

    When we planned our trip to Canada as first time landed immigrant, we felt so insecure, no one we know lives in Toronto, information about Toronto was very limited. But as we become acquainted with you, those feeling faded away. It was very thoughtful of you to take us to “Sobey’s” to do the groceries at 2 O’clock in the morning, also took us around the next morning, to Niagara Falls during our stay (twice!). Your continuous help and attention to us until the moment we left for Indonesia will stay in our memory. We will definitely recommend your place to our friends and relatives. We are hoping to be back soon and see you again!
    Houw, Indonesia. (They returned two years latter for 6 month stay while finding a permanent residence in Canada – V)

    . . . I wish I can stay longer. . I am looking forward for the next (Canadian National Exhibition - CNE) show so I come with my wife. . .
    Taleb, Jerusalem, Israel. (An exhibitor at the annual CNE. He has returned every year since his first stay in 2004 - V.)

    We would like to tell you that you made our stay in Canada easier and better. You brought everything we need to be as if we were at home. The high chair was not just a detail; it made a big difference in our meals. The Christmas tree meant a lot because that was our first holidays with Nazarema, and she loves it! We couldn’t believe that even Santa Klaus was here. That surprise brought happiness to our children. The apartment has everything you could need to be comfortable and the most important thing is that the owner treats us as persons, as a family, not just tenant, not just business.
    Mariano, Argentina. (Multiple return visits.  Have become great friends and stay in touch with SKYPE.  Looking forward to visiting them in Argentina – V)

    We would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We didn’t expect to find kindhearted, family and friendly atmosphere in this cold and unknown country. Thank you for your kindness, warmth and patience. You have such lovely apartments. It was a real pleasure to stay here for a month.
    Inga, Anas, Gosha, & Roma, Moscow. (New immigrants to Canada. We continue to be in touch. – V)

    Thank you for your hospitality. . . The barbeque with Lithuanian beer was great and the Jacuzzi was very relaxing after a hard day of sightseeing. . . The Graham family, Australia.

    When we first came to Canada, we did not know anybody here. We became your welcomed guests. And now we feel like there is a “place” for us to come in Toronto. “Waniska Home”, kids will be talking about your wonderful hospitable place. That is how we will refer to your house now and forever because it was our first real “home” in Toronto, even that it was for a short time. Thank you for giving us this “home”.
    Prakash family, Tibet. (We continue to stay in touch. - V.)

    I have to say thank you and well done!! Your hospitality and service were simply great. I have to tell you, I wasn’t looking forward to coming to Toronto as I would be separated from my family in Alberta, for seven months. Coming here though I felt very “at home” and have enjoyed my time here. Again, Thank You!! And all the best for the future. Tellier, Alberta, Canada.

    We were so lucky to find such a comfortable “home” for the past seven months. It met our needs perfectly. We appreciated your concern for our well being and your immediate response to our needs. What a pity that we are leaving now and won’t get to enjoy the garden this summer or the hot tub and gazebo.
    Baxter, Toronto. (They were between homes with builder delays. – V)

    Thank you so much for the stay. The apartment was very clean and comfortable. But mostly I appreciate your kindness and generosity. It was a great transition back to Canada.  Burrows, Metz, France.

    Many, many thanks for the use of your wonderful spacious apartment. Everything was awesome. Home from home. . . After each exhausting but exhilarating day the Jacuzzi was great for our aching muscles. Our two week vacation flew by. Once again thanks a lot for the tour by Klaus who proved a very informative guide – he should have no trouble in a career with the Toronto Tourism Board. Thanks to Violeta for her kindness and warm hospitality – she was wonderful. Definitely hope to see you both soon.
    Nelson family, Lancashire, England.

    We could not have chosen a better place from which to base ourselves during our two and a half month (work) stay in Toronto. As “modern day nomads” it was so nice staying in a place that actually felt like home, even if it was only for a short while. You have both been extremely hospitable and friendly towards us all. Thank you too for all the tips you gave us in making our stay in Toronto more enjoyable.
    Leanne, South Africa; Guillaume, Belgium; and Bilge, Turkey.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Toronto. The apartment is very spacious and comfortable and we have appreciated your warm hospitality and kindness. Your tour proved to be very helpful and we have felt that help and advice was at hand at any time. The hot tub was very popular and we are now under pressure to get one at home by the children. This holiday could end up costing us an awful lot more!!
    Evans family, England.

    Thank you so much for everything, especially the kindness and advice you gave us. The apartment was extremely comfortable and clean. We felt very safe, and it was very reassuring to have you both so caring and concerned regarding our well being. We have enjoyed our stay immensely and shall definitely be back!
    Harrison family, Northumberland, England. . . . (. . . and they did the following year! – V.) . . . We have had a great holiday.  Thanks so much for your kindness.  The apartment was immaculate, and you had thought of everything we could possibly need.  We said last year we would come back and we did!!  I shall miss the “hot tub”.  I am sure we will see you both again in the future!  If you ever get to the UK please call in. Harrison family, Northumberland, England.

    Words are inadequate to describe the depths of our feelings for your warmth, hospitality and kindness. . . We shall be back and also spread the good news to our friends and colleagues.
    Dr. Fakunle & family, Nigeria.

    Sometimes a stroke of luck brings into our lives wonderful people like you. Your apartment was serene and peaceful, just like home. My mother and I really enjoyed ourselves and would like to come back again, if God wills. A special thanks for that impromptu drive to Lake Ontario for a quick photo shoot!
    Dr. Chandrashekhar, Dubai, UAE.

    Thank you for all the pleasant memories and your warm hospitality. Coming to such a huge city made me a little nervous but you took it upon yourself to show us around. Our only regret is that our stay was not a long one. You can count us coming back for a longer stay. Thanks for being such beautiful people. . . (Above was guest book entry. We also received the following Thank You card with note. – V.) . . . We never expected anything more from you than just a safe place to stay. You provided this and more. You made our stay here a pleasant and memorable experience. Thank you for taking the time to show us around Toronto, even if I got myself lost anyway. You will get a great recommendation from us for anyone we know who is coming to Toronto. This world needs more people like you. . . .
    Emery family, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

    We had a great stay with friendly landlords. The place is close to nice facilities, TTC and is very quiet. Overall a great stay. . . We all came from very distant Congo and are Swiss nationals. This was a wonderful introduction to our new life in Canada.  Gacond family, Congo.

    It has indeed been a pleasure to have met you both and to have stayed in your lovely apartment. I would have no hesitation in giving any recommendation about your standards. The hospitality was outstanding too. The trip to Niagara Falls as arranged by you Klaus was quite superb and we saw sights that would not have been seen otherwise.  Mcaffery, Newbury Berks, England.

    Thank you for your wonderful website. . . Your location is perfect and your hospitality meets the highest expectations. The fresh garden tomatoes were absolutely delicious. It’s very difficult to find a furnished short term rental and your apartments are of the highest quality. We would never hesitate to give a testimonial. Thank you for all your help and for giving us a place to spend the rest of our days in Canada and Toronto. We hope to return.  Grace & John, Boston, USA.

    Thank you for your hospitality during my stay here in your home.  I have enjoyed my time here and so did my family when they visited.  It has been my home away from home.  I would recommend the apartment to my friends if they visit Toronto and need somewhere away form the hustle and bustle of Toronto, but convenient for the bus and subway connections. . . . T. Warburton, England.

    Dear Klaus & Violeta,
    Thank you so much for your hospitality.  With your help we could celebrate Christmas nearly as at home.  Thank you for the Christmas tree, the delicious “Schwarwalder Kirschtorte”  (Black Forest Cake – V.) and the roaster for the Christmas turkey.  We enjoyed your welcome tour very much.  The apartment is well furnished with all the amenities for a shorter or longer term in Toronto.  We will recommend this place to our friends and relations.  With our best wishes for your future! Fritz family, Landau, Germany.

    Thank you for making our stay in Toronto so pleasant.  Your advice and services have helped coming back home much easier.  Your website was one of the best I have seen for short-term accommodation in Toronto.  Thank you for your hospitality and your tips and for handling the car rental for us.  It made everything so much easier.  (They arrived Christmas Eve – Car rental would be closed for three days. – V.)  If I ever need a short-term accommodation in Toronto again I will definitely look you up! 
    Carlos & Sarin B., Barcelona, Spain.

    Your generous hospitality and large and comfortable apartment has made our two months in Toronto a resounding success.  When you said all we had to bring was our toothbrushes you were right on.  The apartment had everything we could have wished for and more.  It was large enough for ten of us over Christmas and the crystal glassware added a nice sparkle of elegance.  Our thanks to you both. 
    Dawson family, Petawawa, Ontario.

    To my new friends Violeta and Klaus.  I enjoyed my stay at ‘Club 46’.  (Our address is 46 Waniska – V.) After two and a half months, I hope I will be as comfortable at my condo as I was here.  Looking forward to seeing you again.  Have a good summer!  Signed Lesley from Alaska.  (She is actually from Toronto but saw all the interesting locations our guests were from and wanted to make her guest book entry more exotic.  Her new condo was having extensive renovations as she stayed with us.  We later visited her beautiful downtown condo and continue to stay in touch. – V.)  Lesley, Toronto.

    We had a wonderful trip and a really comfortable stay – thanks to your care and thoughtfulness.  This is the first time that we have come to a large city and stayed outside of the downtown core – but we have to say – this maybe our most amazing stay!  Only a few minutes by car actually and with all the peace and quiet needed to rest after a long days excursion!!  (We have great public transit access available – car is not necessary. – V.)  We will definitely recommend your Petryla Estates to anyone visiting Toronto!  Let us know if you visit Portland, OR!  Diwaken & Kolkila, Portland, OR, USA.

    Thank you for the comfortable apartment.  We had a wonderful stay. . . Your apartment is in a terrific location.  . . . Thank you again. Tom & Pei-Pei H. Washington DC, USA.

    . . . Hey, it’s Samantha, just want to say it was very nice here. We had a wonderful time in Wonderland and the glass floor of the CN Tower was cool, and scary.  The baseball game was wicked and the stadium was huge.  This room is really nice and I had a comfortable stay.  Thank you for everything you have done for us.  Hope to see you again soon, maybe.
    Thanks from Samantha  14 years, 10 months, Cornwall, England. 

    We had a wonderful stay.  Comfortable accommodations, great facilities and convenient for shops and transport.  Also friendly and helpful hosts! 
    Jenny, Brisbane, Australia.

    Thank you so much.  We appreciated all your support.  The barbeque for friends and family was great.  Our stay here allowed us to hold a family wedding as if we were at home.  (Wedding rehearsal dinner – BBQ for 20 guests was held in our gardens, gazebo, hot tub area. – V.)  Again, thanks.  Hope to see you again. 
    Rod & Mary, Vancouver, Canada.

    Dear Klaus & Violeta,
    Thank you for helping us to have a great time on our first visit to Canada.  Both you and Violeta have been very kind and helpful.  We appreciate the time you took to show us the local area.  Your recommendations (which were always right!) and for your patience while we had our first stop (grocery shopping – V.)  The apartment was in a superb location and while uptown just a short ride to where the attractions were.  It was peaceful and relaxing to retire after a days sightseeing to the apartment. Thank you very much. 
    P. Oaks,  London, England.

    . . . The apartment is very close to downtown making it fast to get to major attractions.  Our kids really enjoyed the (500+ channel) satellite TV and hot tub.  My wife and I were impressed at how clean the apartment was! . . .   Lesch family, Bethesda, MD., USA. 

    Thank you for your hospitality.  Your friendly manners and approach is exceedingly beyond comprehension.  Thank you for the time you gave to us, there is no doubt your service is the best.  Thank you and God bless.
    Pastor Lawrence & Joanne, London, UK.

    Thank you very much for your kindness and attentions.  It’s a very nice place, we enjoyed our time here, it was like be in home.  Thanks Violeta when you came with the (toy) car for my son and then he stopped crying.  It was very nice to meet you Klaus and Violeta.  Hope to see you next summer. 
    Priscilla, Derek, Bernice & Nicolas, Mexico.

    When we came here expecting an apartment to live, and what we got was a nice home to appreciate the beauties of Toronto.  Klaus and Violeta, you are more than a service; you are the neighbours everyone expect to have. Thanks to you our stay in Toronto was outstanding.  I think the best way to do - most rate how much we liked it, is coming back the next time.  Franciso, Critina, Reyes, Seville, Spain.

    Dear Klaus & Violeta,
    Where can I start!  The apartment was excellent and more than met our needs.  It was immaculate with every piece of equipment you could ever need and then some.  Klaus your initial tour of the neighborhood was brilliant and helped us get our bearings quickly.  You are a wealth of knowledge and made our stay very good - especially the (Lithuanian) beer!  We shall all miss the hot tub and we are going home to purchase one.  Thank you both again and when we come back to Canada it will be to stay with you. 
    Debby, Eunan, Aaron, Sarena & Lee-Anne, Northern Ireland.

    Just a few words to thank you for your assistance in making our stay comfortable.  The apartment is spacious with plenty of storage space – which we really needed.  The atmosphere in the neighbourhood area is great and the location fantastic.  I’m glad that Violeta enjoyed the dogs and they certainly enjoyed her. . 
    Van Demark, Reno, NV. USA. (They returned on a subsequent trip. - V.)

    This is the perfect location for all areas.  We visited Niagara, downtown Toronto, and family in Brampton and Pickering.  We have already recommended you to family and friends.  I am sure we will be back to stay again in the near future.  The Mckechnie & Stentens, Glasgow, Scotland.

    The warmth and friendliness of your hospitality was very greatly appreciated.  The accommodations was very comfortable and we felt very well looked after.  Well equipped, cozy and conveniently located Petryla Estates is, all said, A Great Place To Stay!  David & Mayah, Jamaica. 

    Thank you so much for putting up with our large and very noisy family.  (A family reunion over Christmas - Three apartments were booked. - V.)  We appreciated all the extra thoughtful things you did over Christmas to make us feel much at home here.  (Christmas decorations and a surprise visit from Santa Klaus - V.)  We hope to return. All the very best for this new Year.
    The Jackson family, Cayman Islands, BWI.

    So many thanks for a delightful stay.  The Lakeside condo was superb, convenient and spotless!  We hope to return soon.  (Petryla Estates II - Petryla-Estates-by-the-Lake our newest location - V.) 
    Peter & Carolyne, Adelaide, Australia.

    Thank you you for the warmth, kindness and generosity.  For the wonderful Niagara Falls Tour.  For the magnanimity  extended to our relatives.  For all the small acts of kindness which all made for a wonderful stay and some incredible memories. 
    Ritesh Magar, Bangalore, India.

    A month stay in this apartment was fantastic and offer full household facility. The decoration and interior setup was very nice. Location here was good with convenience transport for buses, subway and close by to stores, going downtown and even other area was easy with close by highway. Our family of five have a pleasant stay and we enjoyed it very much. The owner was very kind and we appreciate his helpful kindness.
    Gaisley, Cecilia Chong, Malaysia.

    A week is too short and goes too quickly. The introductory tour was very much appreciated and very helpful. Every effort was made to make this an outstanding week to remember. The kids loved the kayaking on the river and all the other major points of interest. Thank you both so much for making this a holiday to remember.  The Cassidy family, Ireland.

    Klaus & Violeta
    Thank you for an enjoyable stay.  Ten weeks went by very quickly - having a "Home Away from Home" made waiting for our renovations that much easier.  What a wonderful spot.  If we are crazy enough to renovate again, we'll be back!  Kevin & Laurel, Toronto.

    Thanks so much for making our stay in Toronto so enjoyable. The apartment was ideal for our needs with two boys. The location was perfect for visiting family and friends in Mississauga and Toronto. Thanks again!
    Andrew & Lisa, Ottawa, Canada.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful week. Your hospitality and welcoming tour were much appreciated. We truly enjoyed ourselves and experienced many firsts. . . Everyone we meet was friendly and helpful. Thanks again for making this one of our most memorable vacations!
    Carol & Bill, Ohio, USA.

    Klaus & Violeta
    It was really nice meeting you.  We enjoyed staying at your place and appreciated the guided tour of the area, the cleanliness of the apartment and your availability.  It is always good to know there are good places like yours to stay at in Toronto with a so friendly welcome.  All the best.
    Emma & Francois, Lyon, France.

    We had seen the apartment on the website and were expecting something special, and we've got much more! First, the great kindness of Violeta and Klaus who took us for shopping on our arrival night at 11:30pm so that we could start our stay with a "good breakfast"!  The next day, the guided tour we had helped us a lot.  We started to get used to street names, shops, buses, subway stations, important tourist sites. . . The stay was too short!  When it's great, time passes too quickly!  So we do have to come back here one day!  Many thanks again to both of you.
    Francois, Andrew, Barcelona, Spain,  Philippe, France.

    We stayed at Petryla Estates II - Petryla-Estates-by-the-Lake for two weeks and it went so quickly.  The place is located on Lake Ontario which is so convenient when we enjoyed nice walks along the coast.  As for the condo it is very comfortable, nice and clean with all amenities on the spot, WI-FI , gym and pool.  It has all shopping and food outlets nearby and easy transport facilities.  Klaus was very helpful and we would come back in the future and recommend the place to friends.
    Mohammed, London, England.

    Thanks for a wonderful stay.  Perfect position and very comfortable.  We will be back to Toronto some day and would love to stay here again. . . (Above was guest book entry. We also received the following Thank You Email. – V.)  Just to let you know we arrived home safely but would rather be in Canada, it has done nothing but rain since we have been home.  We really enjoyed our stay in your apartment, which was perfectly positioned for sightseeing in Toronto.  Hopefully we may be lucky enough to visit again sometime.
    The Hinton family, England.

    Home away from home, lovely place to live in.  Very cooperative and caring people.  Nice, clean, spacious and functional home.  Good Luck!
    Chhaya, Rajiv, Yashodhan, Janvi, Bombay, India.

    Nice and clean place. Great place to stay in Toronto. Stores near by. Well taken care of. Friendly and thoughtful. Love to come back! Thank you.
    Bill O'Neal, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Very comfortable apartment.  Had a lovely stay in Canada. . . On our return will definately stay here again. Everything was perfect!
    Margaret & Ian, London, England.

    Very nice apartment, lovely people.  We were all made very welcome.  Could not do enough to help us as well.  Would definitely recommend this place for a comfortable stay and I will be letting my friends know back home for when they are coming out to Canada.  Thank you to everyone involved in our stay and myself and the lads will definitely be coming back.
    Tam, Joe, Norrie, Jamie, Phil, The Scottish Boys.

    Lovely clean apartment that I would definitely recommend to all my friends and family if and when they visit Toronto.  This is our third trip to Toronto and the best accommodation we have stayed in.  When we come back we WILL be staying here!!  Thanks for everything.
    Dean Chambers, Milton Keynes, England.

    We appreciated the nice quiet neighbourhood and also the easy access to downtown via bus and train (Subway - V.). The apartment has plenty of space for five people and was ideal for our needs.
    O'Donnell & Harte, Ireland.

    Thank you very much for your great hospitality.  We couldn't imagine a more pleasant stay!  We totally enjoyed our stay at Petryla Estates.  We wish you all happiness and health.   Thanks for everything.
    Ajit & family, India.

    Dear Klaus & Violeta,
    It was such a pleasant stay here, we felt completely at home!  Both of you are wonderful and we will always like to come and stay here.  Our kids enjoyed their stay here and we will always remember the dinner, Niagara Falls visit and Swami Temple visits with you.  Keep up the good work and we shall be in touch.  Wishing you best - professionally and personally.  Thanks and see you soon.
    Bipin, Vaishali, Ameye & Reva, Bahrain.

    Great Hotel Alternative. Spacious, functional, clean and warm. Also perfect when travelling with a dog - just 10 minute drive to a great off-leash dog park in High Park. And, Thank You! Klaus, for helping me unload all my things from the car and carrying my all too heavy suitcases up the stairs!  Wishing you and your family all the very best.
    Deborah, MI, USA.

    We had a great time here. Thank you for being so flexible. My entire family from Germany enjoyed themselves. The apartments were equipped with everything we needed. The check in and check out was really easy as well. (Booked four Apartments - Twenty Wedding Guests. - V.) We would definitely come and stay here again!!
    Willeim Petersen & Family, Germany.

    Now I realize that it has been an excellent decision that I chose to stay at Petryla's Apartments. Klaus Petryla and his wife Violeta were so friendly and did there best to serve us. Living at Petryla's Apartment has been a lovely experience. We spent a wonderful week here in Toronto. wish I could stay longer! Thank you!
    Rovshan, Azerbaijan.

    A wonderful place for a family holiday. Our hosts have been fantastic and caring. They take extra passion to do their work. They even go the extra mile to satisfy customers. This more than a five star reception and I will personally recommend this place to friends coming to Toronto.
    Ajari & Family, France.

    Thank you Klaus for picking us up at the airport and much appreciated your tour on arrival - very helpful - to get our bearings. Thanks for your help with lost luggage and for dropping off to pick up car. Warm welcome. Enjoyed Toronto. Hope to be back one day.
    Lester, Scotland, UK.

    Thank you for a lovely stay in Toronto. The apartment had all we needed and was very clean and comfortable also close to good transportation. The 501 streetcar (trolley - V.) to downtown was great! We really enjoyed our trip. Thanks again.
    Heslin Family, Dublin Ireland.

    Thank you for making our stay so relaxing. The apartment is superb. Hope to see you soon.
    Bartlett, Kent, England.

    . . . Had a fab time. . . I will miss you and the Hot Tub. . . Had an awesome time. . . Great time. Hot Tub a must after a day of sightseeing or dancing. . . I really wish I could stay especially because I have to say goodbye to the Hot Tub. . . Sad I can't take it home. . . Will miss my Hot Tub every evening. . .(Full building full of young Scottish Dancers for the World Scottish Festival in Toronto - V.)
    McMahon Family, Scotland, Hewison, & Conroy, Australia, Tweedie, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    5 Star Accommodations! So comfortable and everything we could ever need. Could not wish for better, Location is excellent. Will definitely be back. 100% Happy. Thanks a Million!
    Jill, Tom, & Bob, North Wales, UK.

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